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Ceretype Neuromedicine, Inc. grew out of the desire of its physician-scientist cofounders to translate years of academic research in psychiatric neurobiology and imaging methods development into tools that transform therapeutic development and clinical care. Neuropsychiatric diseases are common, devastating and tremendously costly to society.  The lack of biologically-based tools to guide diagnosis and treatment has hindered the development of new therapeutics, and importantly, has resulted in an inefficient and often ineffective trial-and-error approach to patient care. 

Ceretype, a spinout of Harvard Medical School's Brigham and Women's Hospital, integrates the most advanced understanding of neurologic and psychiatric biology with the latest in functional MRI (fMRI) methods and AI technologies. An immediate goal is to apply the Ceretype platform to significantly improve the process, and decrease the cost, of new neuropsychiatric treatment development.  The ultimate aim is to change standard of care to first-time-right treatment with the use of clinical fMRI tools, to help large populations of patients that desperately needs solutions.

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